The Community

Our Founder


Let Glow, Let God is an online, faith-based community led by Founder and CEO, Brandee Alexander.

To this community, Brandee brings a deeply rooted commitment to helping women and girls heal from the traumas life may bring. Doing so through intentional, safe space for sisterhood and purposed-filled relationships with Christ.


Community members can connect via social media, webinars, and virtual presentations to learn and glean from others who may have experienced or are currently navigating traumatic situations.

Within the private Facebook group, community members can find exclusive content on a daily, weekly, and bi-weekly basis, encouraging them to push through even the roughest of days.



"I enjoy this community because we uplift one another. Making sure our crowns are in place. The words of encouragement, the loved poured, and the support is incredible."

- Nina Wilson - 

"Everyone is a cheerleader for each other. We support and pray for everything. This is such a positive community of loving individuals." 

- Sarahi Lopez - 

"Let Glow, Let God gives me a chance to encourage others along with getting encouragement by other members. We don't have to feel like we're being judged."

- Dominique Moore -