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The Hardest Part. . .

Lately I've been reflecting on my life. What got me to this space and place. How did I end up miles from home, from people I love dearly and from friends that I love and long to connect with. The hardest part of this journey is knowing that I have to accept where I'm at in this thing. I don't like where I'm at but I also don't hate it either. I'm looking from the glass half full lens now, like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel or just maybe I can see the light.

You've had those moments too right? Like your coming out of the worst season of your life but the speed is slower than what you'd hoped. Literally everyone is doing this whole manifesting thing and I somewhat feel as thought I'm lagging on that like back in the day when we had dial-up internet. I feel as though I am stuck calling someone with no call waiting.

I recognize patience is key, delay is not denial, yadda yadda but I am literally standing in line WAITING my turn. Have you been there, or are you there too? Like you have the ticket, your number is about to be called, your sitting in the lobby, BEEN sitting in the lobby. Every time you hear someone close to you getting their breakthrough you get excited because it means God is literally on your avenue, street, boulevard, the neighborhood.

I want to encourage you, God is close. He's blessing those around you for you to take notice of what's coming your way. Rejoice with others when their time comes because when it's your time not only do you want others to be happy with and for you, but it's literally your time and turn.

The hardest part isn't so hard when you are navigating your lane with God on your side. It's easy to get discouraged, but it's hard to be discouraged and stay in the race, the fight. I want to encourage you to see The Hardest Parts of your life through. I promise you it gets better. No matter the speed to betterment see it through. It'll bless you and sprinkle on to others and encourage them to see you keep on keepin' on !!

Remember You got this because God's got you !! Don't forget to Let Glow and Let God !

Be Blessed

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