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Love Is Being A Witness. . .

Recently I reconnected with one of my favorite love stories. I have been working like nobody's business and I was searching for a way to unwind. So I tuned into Love Is on Own. I think I love this sitcom the most because the love that is discovered between the two main characters is so pure. One of my favorite quotes from this story is "Love is Being a Witness"

I recall remembering how I felt when my ears originally heard that for the first time. I thought about it, and I said you know that's very true. We do a lot of things in the name of love without truly knowing. It's like second nature. In love we get the privilege of watching one another "Become" it's a beautiful process if you take a second to pause and reflect every now and then.

I think sometimes in love we forget that we aren't perfect and we aren't always going to get it right. We keep score a lot of the time and we claim exhaustion after so many times of giving chances and we forget we ourselves need those same chances. When the main character made this statement of "Love is Being a Witness" her counterpart was struggling to get his bearings. She got the chance to meet someone and found joy in witnessing him "Become" all that he was meant to be and the same for him.

In 1st John 3:18 God tells us to love in deed and in truth. WE must put into practice action when we say we love someone. In today's world among so many distractions it can be hard to show true and genuine love. Be encouraged to press through and show the people that you deem unlovable the most love because they need it, if we are honest we all need it.

What the World Needs Now is love, Love, LOVE !


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