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In Memoriam

As memorial day approaches, I am reminded so much of those that we've or I've lost. Death has become more normal than I'd like it to be, but also less scary as I'd previously imagined as well. I spent a lot of time this last year trying to erase so much, then I forgot that there is some good in what I'm trying to undo, or erase.

More recently, a good friend of mine reminded me that instead of trying to forget, that it's ok to cherish memories. No matter how bad a thing was or how it ended there is some good there. It reminds me of how the bible speaks about the wheat and the tares growing together. How you can get what you need from this plant because the wheat is definitely there, but if you pull the tares you may destroy the good from this harvest (Matthew 13:24-43).

Oh, I longed to pull up these tares. I wanted and still want no parts of the tares from this season. I told God they have to go immediately. I will tell you that I have had no luck in pulling up these tares. Since that fact remains along with the tares I've decided to cherish a few things. Let me list what I'm cherishing and maybe if your like me, or in my shoes but experiencing a different size it'll encourage you.

  • God is still in control, on the throne and last I checked He wasn't getting up

  • Along with the tares, I'm still here to get the wheat from this harvest

  • I've experienced beauty in the brokenness

  • I've experienced beauty with people whom I believed tried to break me

  • Ashes are still a currency with God

  • My tears are counted Psalms 56:8

Just a tiny list of things I'm cherishing as I continue to move through this season. I'm not sure what it will do for others but it made a difference for me. When my perspective shifted and I took off the weight of this season, I started seeing truth. I was able to deal with my heart, my hurt, and do so honestly.

Today I light a candle for the memories, not only the people of my past. I light a candle in memoriam because these memories, and experiences with some of these people helped shape me into the woman I am today. I pray your experiences helped to shape you as well.

The good times were good and the bad times were bad. I acknowledge that but I no longer bow to it in defeat. Neither do you. Remember that this Memorial Day, be grateful for the memories and the people that made those moment what they were because come harvest time, the tares have to go !

Remember YOU got THIS because God's got YOU !

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